What kinds of beads do you use for your jewelry?

We use all natural rough cut and polished stone beads as the inspiration for our jewelry.  Some of the stones commonly used are turquoise, onyx, jasper, agate, coral and shells, though we also employ the occasional wooden, crystal and glass beads for accents and spacers.

Since our stones are so unique (and often unpolished), our jewelry varies from piece to piece and we ask that customers keep this in mind when purchasing our products.  Additionally, other than our cuffs, there is often only one of each set/piece available. If we do a custom order to recreate a piece, however, we try our best to match materials for consistency and aesthetic appeal. Because of the natural-cut nature of the materials we employ, however, there will be variations in hue, texture, and shape among the stones.

What kinds of metals do you use for your jewelry?

Our jewelry hardware is composed of base metal (either brass, copper, pewter, tin, or nickel based alloy) with either an antique copper, antique brass, gunmetal or silver plating.  We often use matching spacer beads according to the hardware we choose.

GimStonz often opts to use pewter-based beads and hardware as this malleable alloy tends to maintain detail well over time.  It is also one of the oldest alloys in metalworking history, spanning back as far as 1500 B.C. Egypt!

Is your jewelry hypoallergenic? 

We understand that there are many people out there who have allergies to certain metals, one of the more common being nickel.  If you find a piece you like but the product description entails that the hardware is made with a problematic alloy, GimStonz will make every effort to accommodate you with a custom order!  This depends, of course, upon the availability of the necessary supplies.

Do you accept custom orders?

Yes!  We are happy to work with our customers to create original jewelry based on your input.  Should you have something in mind, or simply wish to inquire about recreating a sold out piece (since there is usually one set/piece available at the onset, this occurs often), please contact us!  Other than in our Collections, you may find pieces in our Gallery that we are happy to recreate or modify per your desires.

By which method does GimStonz authorize payments?

If you buy from our online, Facebook or Pinterest store you may choose how you pay (PayPal, major credit cards, etc.). Custom orders will be invoiced through PayPal. 

How does GimStonz ship their product?


GimStonz ships their products via the United States Post Office unless otherwise requested. 

Do you make international shipments?

Unfortunately, no.  At this time GimStonz is still a local operation and only handles domestic orders.

What is GimStonz's return policy?

GimStonz aims to please their customers, so if you are unhappy with your jewelry purchase we will accept returned merchandise in exchange for store credit within the first 30 days of the shipment date.  Please refer to our Return Policy for a complete breakdown of products returns.

Does GimStonz have a Privacy Policy or any other policies designed to protect my personal information?

Yes!  In our modern times, GimStonz realizes that one can never be too careful about the websites one visits.  Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for an explanation of our policies regarding the use of our website and, in turn, the protection your personal information.

If you have further questions about our products or practices, please let us know!